Meet Sektual

So, if you don't know anything about me, you are probably thinking what is this?  -And what's with the name?  I get that it sounds low budget, but "Kohl's" was already taken.  The name stems from a nickname I received in my youth...  To make a long story, short... I was invested strong in that "Deep V" trend.  Don't judge, I was young! 

I have been in the fashion industry my whole life.  I started modeling at 15 and loved how I could express myself through clothing.  Years of working in retail later, my love for the industry was tested.  My obsession with clothing never wavered, but working with the "natural public" could be best described as an awaken nightmare.  This business venture was my [genius] plan to keep my passion alive, but to limit my interaction with those Felicia's...with a cyber-wall. 

I don't think fashion should ever be too serious.  I think a good vintage t-shirt tells a story!  It says "I took the time to look through racks clothing, store after store; Searching for that one t-shirt, with the perfect distressing, and that inimitable logo, that by the grace of God was in my size."  It separates you from those basics shopping the sale section at Zara.